A guide to road trips during Coronavirus times

While cities are unlocking around the world, travelling by air to another country for vacation still seems like a distant dream. In such a situation, a road trip would perhaps be the best thing to do. Travelling to safe zones within a country can give you some respite from the four months of lockdown, but travel precautions are a must.

While research is still underway regarding how to deal with the Coronavirus, we know that there are certain things you can do in order to save yourself from an impending infection. Here is a guide to road trip travel precautions for you.
Pick a safe destination


Picking a safe destination is the first step to staying safe from the virus. Every country has now recognised safe zones, and you must only visit these places. Find out if there are accommodations available in such a place and, if so, whether they have all the required precautions in place. You do not want to enter a place where the virus is in wreaking havoc. Avoid places where community transmission is ongoing. Also, plan your route and avoid any roadblocks on the way.
Coronavirus necessities


You do not want to land up in a place where there is a dearth of face masks. Hence, it is advisable to carry enough medical necessities to sanitise yourself and your surroundings. So carry enough masks or face shields, and make sure everyone has one. Hand sanitizer is yet another weapon to battle the virus, and it is best to carry extra in case you lose a bottle. Carry wipes and towels, and also disposable gloves that you must wear at all times whenever you are outdoors.
Help yourself


No matter how you are feeling, get a COVID-19 test done before heading out on your road trip. You cannot say you are infected unless you really get the test done, and if you happen to fall sick in an alien place without any proper medical facilities, then that is going to be tough. Get your test done, and head out on your trip only if you are feeling well. Do not hide your sickness, do not think you can manage, you will jeopardise the health of your dear ones.
Please practise social distancing


If you plan to visit a local attraction, do not blindly go there. Find out if adequate measures have been taken in such a place. If it is crowded, and social distancing norms are not being followed, do not go there. Even in your hotel, you must maintain social distancing, and avoid parties etc. This is not the right time to come in close contact with strangers, and you must practice social distancing.
As an added note, do ask your hotel to clean up everyday, and dispose of all garbage on a daily basis. Clean your surroundings, your plates etc, before you eat. Also, make sure your car’s fuel tank is full, this is only to minimise stops, and to avoid human contact on the way.

Posted at 2020 Aug 11 19:23

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