Escape busy HCM City to Tây Ninh for the weekend

HCM CITY — If you are looking for a quiet place, spiritual blessings and natural wonders for the weekend but do not have too much time, Tây Ninh Province is a perfect option.

Tây Ninh is blessed with beautiful landscapes including Bà Đen Mountain and Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park.
Bà Đen Mountain is famous throughout the country. These advantages are helping Tây Ninh develop its cultural and ecological tourism.
It is a famous spiritual tourist draw. Travelling by cable car, visitors can take in historical sites and old pagodas.
From Bà Đen Mountain, tourists can view Dầu Tiếng Lake, 25 kilometres from Tây Ninh. This is the biggest artificial freshwater lake in Việt Nam, with an area of 27,000 hectares.
Tây Ninh also has the ecological diversity of the 18,000 hectare Lò Gò - Xa Mát National Park, home to diverse species of fauna and flora.
Beside mountains and national parks, Tây Ninh is also home to 12 different traditional crafts, including those making rice paper, chili salt, incense, woodwork, and conical hats. — VNS

Posted at 2020 Jun 30 18:56

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