Hon Kho islet a bespoke Quy Nhon getaway

Boasting pristine beauty and delectable seafood, Hon Kho Islet is ideal for a day trip in Quy Nhon, dubbed the Maldives of Vietnam.

Hon Kho Islet in Hai Dong Village, Nhon Hai Commune lies about 20 km from the center of Quy Nhon, a coastal town in south-central Binh Dinh Province.
Hai Dong is often referred to as Nhon Hai fishing village. To get here, head out to Thi Nai Bridge from the town center until you hit a big roundabout. A right turn leads you to Nhon Hai.
Here, visitors can enjoy a range of typical beach activities, including diving to watch corals, playing adventure beach games, and snacking on seafood.
A boat or jet ski is available for rent at VND300,000 - 500,000 ($13-22) per group or VND50,000 per person for a ride.
There are no trees on Hon Kho, where rocks in different shapes are stacked on top of each other. Water here is clean and inviting, next to a golden sandy coastline.
The most Instagrammable spot on the island, according to many visitors, is the wooden walkway skirting the cliff and overlooking the ocean.
The walkway is about 200 m long, with concrete pedestals built on the huge boulders at the foot of Hon Kho.
It adds a softening element to the islet, which is rocky and void of greenery. Many visitors have described the wooden walkway as a beautiful seaside catwalk.
Hon Kho is also an ideal spot for coral diving in Quy Nhon, apart from Cu Lao Xanh and Ky Co islands. A fun attraction includes riding a large “banana-shaped” floatable attached to a jet ski.
The ideal time to visit Hon Kho Islet is from March to August. The sea in central Vietnam is usually quietest in the summer.

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