K50 Waterfall in Vietnam’s Central Highland, a truly heaven on Earth

Nestled ij the old primeval forests of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve, K50 Waterfall, also known as Hang En waterfall is bestowed a paradisiacal beauty which undoubtedly to be a must-check-in destination for backpackers.

K50 Waterfall is located at the border between Gia Lai and Binh Dinh, Kbang District, Gia Lai Province. It would take tourists two days to reach K50 Waterfall by specialized transportation crossing thick jungles of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve, according to Dan Tri. 

Travelers must weave through centenarian trees and utilize ropes to traverse rugged and slippery cliffs.

The prolonged and craggy journey of crossing dense forests make tourists exhausted; however, they will certainly be compensated by the imposing and magnificent beauty of K50 Waterfall.

The waterfall is about 60m high, fast-flowing from the mossy mountain chains into crystal-clear streams creates majestic natural beauty. Underneath K50 Waterfall lies a gigantic stone hole with an airy atmosphere. 

The refection of sunshine in its waters adds another dimension to its spectacular beauty. Contemplating mighty waterfall, lush green grass carpets, and hearing birds chirping amid the thick jungles surely leaves immiscible experience.

Kon Chu Rang primeval forest possesses a diverse fauna and flora system with immense green clusters of ferns, hundred-year-old trees as well as huge bamboo.

To conquer the K50 Waterfall, tourists should be accompanied by forest rangers. In addition, make sure that you are strong enough to explore one of the most thrilling waterfalls in Vietnam. The idea time to conquer K50 Waterfall is in March as the weather is warm and a little rainy.


Posted at 2020 Aug 07 11:54

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