Sea of clouds on Vietnam rooftop

Many tourists, especially instagrammers, love checking in on Fansipan mount, which is dubbed as ‘Vietnam’s rooftop’, as they can take lovely photos amid a sea of clouds there.

For many tourists, Fansipan mount in the northern province of Lao Cai is on their lifetime bucket list. (Photo: Vietnam+)

As accessing Fansipan mount is now easier than before thanks to a cable car system, during humid days, the mount welcomes flocks of tourists who come here for breath-taking instagrammable pictures. (Photo: Vietnam+)

Fansipan mount is dubbed as ‘Indochina’s rooftop’. It looks stunning from dusk till dawn, regardless of any weather conditions. (Photo: Vietnam+)

This year is forecast to be a bit colder so Sapa is expected to see several snowfalls. (Photo: Vietnam+)

Stunning sea of clouds on 'Vietnam’s rooftop.' (Photo: Vietnam+)

Fansipan mount’s colour varies during the day. Sometimes it has purple hue. (Photo: Vietnam+)

Sometimes, it looks rather yellow. (Photo: Vietnam+)
Stunning sea of clouds on 'Vietnam’s rooftop'. (Photo: Vietnam+)


Posted at 2021 Feb 23 13:22

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