Travel plans coming soon? Make sure you pack these must-haves

While we are waiting with bated breath for the coronavirus pandemic to die down, all we can do is dream about the gorgeous landscapes that await us when we have the freedom to roam the corners of the world once again.

We all have our fingers crossed for this pandemic to end so that we are able to travel again without the constant fear of contamination. Since March 2020, the country has been in lockdown and all flights have been grounded. Only in May-end did the Government of India resume domestic flights. While we are waiting with bated breath for the coronavirus pandemic to die down, all we can do is dream about the gorgeous landscapes that await us.
Safety measures are imperative to keep ourselves safe, even when international flights resume and there is no harm in a little dreaming. Here are some essentials you will need for travel, in the post-pandemic era.
Travel Insurance – This item should be the first on your checklist, current pandemic notwithstanding. It provides emergency medical aid or evacuation when necessary. A lot of visas make this mandatory and the Government of India is now introducing policies under which these expenses can be covered.
Safety Kits – As drab as this sounds while thinking of your dream vacation, one can never be too careful. Your safety kits should include essential medicines, approved by a doctor, facemasks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and gloves. These small items will go a long way in keeping you germ-free, and definitely stress-free.
Reusable Cutlery and Water Bottle – The importance of these cannot be stressed enough, not only will these help in ensuring that you do not come in contact with free cutlery that is provided with food, which can be a hub of virus, it also helps in the preservation of the environment as you are cutting down on plastic usage. Additionally, hydration is key to a healthy body.
Personal tuck – Carry your own snacks or tuck in compact reusable containers for long flights and journeys so that you do not have to worry about having to get food from public sources.
Sling bags – Sling bags have made a huge comeback and they can serve as the perfect way in which to carry your essentials around with you. Most have the capacity to contain your smartphone, charger, wallet, mask, sanitizer, and keys. This will also help to minimise your carry-on baggage.
Swiss knives – This is the go-to tool for survival and even day to day activities. This multitool contains a number of small instruments that can get you out of tricky situations. However, it is not suitable to be carried during air travel, so be cognisant of what you pack.
Spill-proof sippy cups – This is an absolute must have when travelling with children under the age of 3. Not only will they help you avoid having to clean up messes in a public place, it will also keep your children hydrated throughout.
Electronics/ Books – If you are travelling with teenagers or children above the age of 4, keeping them constantly entertained and behaved can seem like a daunting task. Allow them to carry their own electronic devices or books that will occupy them, so that you can enjoy your vacation as well.
Now that the additional checklist is taken care of, make sure you enjoy your holiday, get your insta-worthy clicks and let your hair down just the way you always wanted, all while making sure to keep yourself and your travel buddies safe. | Edited by Jahnavi Gupta
Hindustan Times, Delhi

Posted at 2020 Aug 11 19:17

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