Fishing on Hon Yen a cast apart

Hon Yen Island in Phu Yen Province offers visitors an ideal excuse to get tangled up in local fishing culture.

Hon Yen Island lies off Vietnam's easternmost province of Phu Yen, or 20 kilometers from Tuy Hoa, its capital town.

Next to Hon Yen lies islands Hon Dun, Ban Than, Ganh Yen, Hon Choi, and Vung Choi, which form a "national tourism site" as recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2018.

Phu Yen is considered the “capital” of lobster farming with over 119,000 designated cages.

The local fishing season lasts from May to August.

Fishermen usually wait for anchovies to gather in shoals before capture.

The line distinguishing predator and prey can seem blurry at times.

90 horsepower fishing boats usually carry crews of around 10 to 13.

At low tide coral reefs are exposed along with colorful starfish.

Since all coral reefs are sensitive and vulnerable natural resources, local authorities advise against walking on their surfaces, which could deform or kill them, destroying the habitats of many marine species.

Posted at 2020 May 29 10:43

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