Free entry to famous Hue lake

Tinh Tam Lake, a famous landscape in Hue Citadel has been opened for free to visitors.

Tinh Tam Lake was an important part of the royal garden under the Nguyen Dynasty. It was considered one of the 20 most beautiful landscapes of the citadel during Thieu Tri Emperor reign. Nowadays, Tinh Tam Lake is in Thuan Thanh Ward.
The lake was a part of Kim Long River and was renovated by Minh Mang Emperor. There are three islands in the centre of the lake including Bong Lai, Phuong Truong and Doanh Chau. It is said that the lake was the source of inspiration for many Nguyen kings like Minh Mang, Thieu Tri and Tu Duc.
Thieu Tri Emperor wrote poems for 20 most beautiful sceneries of the citadel. The scenery and the poem about Tinh Tam Lake made their ways into the palace's paintings.
The site was left in ruin for a long time. In mid-2020, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre started to renovate the site and has completed part of the project. Flowers and plants are brought to the site along with decorative rocks in order to recreate the old royal garden.
The site is now opened for free to visitors.

Posted at 2020 Sep 06 10:30

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