Hanoi encourages citizens to stay indoors to fight COVID-19

Authorities in Hanoi are encouraging local residents against going outside if it is not absolutely necessary to fight the spread of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The municipal People’s Committee has issued a document regarding intensified measures to prevent and control COVID-19 in the capital city.
Accordingly, the city’s administration ordered district-level authorities to raise awareness of the epidemic among local residents and encourage them not to leave their homes unless necessary, wash their hands regularly, and always wear face masks in public.
Gatherings of more than 30 people in public places outside of offices, schools, and hospitals are restricted.
People must stay at least one meter from one another, complete health declaration forms in accordance with regulations, and promptly go to medical facilities when exhibiting symptoms such as coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, or pneumonia.
The city will continue suspending festivals, religious ceremonies, sports tournaments, and events that draw large crowds, as well as shutting down karaoke parlors, bars, discos, and sidewalk cafés.
Other production and service establishments must implement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including preparing protective equipment for employees, measuring the body temperature of staff members and guests, preparing soap and hand sanitizer, regularly disinfecting their venues, and enforcing a safe distance between people.
Drivers and passengers must wear face masks on all means of public transportation, and vehicles must be outfitted with antiseptic solutions.
Meetings should be limited or replaced with teleconferences.
For any political and socio-economic events that are absolutely necessary, local authorities have to implement safety measures such as disinfecting meeting rooms, checking the body temperature of attendees, and mandating face masks and handwashing as well as keeping a safe distance. 
Special units should be established to supervise COVID-19 prevention and control efforts in every neighborhood.
Relevant agencies are tasked with quarantining and conducting COVID-19 tests on all people arriving from places affected by the virus.
These individuals should continue staying home until all of their test results come back negative.
Vietnam’s COVID-19 tally has hit 964, with 464 having recovered and 24 deaths as of Monday afternoon.
The country has registered 488 community-based cases since July 25, when Da Nang detected the first community-transmitted case after 99 days with no local transmission in Vietnam.   
Among these cases, eight have been recorded in Hanoi.

Posted at 2020 Aug 18 12:52

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