Vietnam COVID19: Outbreak Expected To Peak In 10 Days

Speaking to the media on Wednesday (August 5), Deputy Minister of Health said that the number of patients will continue to increase and is expected to peak in the next 10 days.

People must be vigilant even when infection tracing is being drastically carried out. Through analysis of the virus infection, the health sector recommends that in the next 10 days, people need to be careful and strictly implement prevention recommendations.
The Ministry of Health announces emergency search for passengers of flight VN7198 from Da Nang to Hanoi on July 24
The Ministry of Health calling for passengers on flight VN7198 from Da Nang to Hanoi on July 24 to immediately contact the nearest health authority for assistance.
- Ministry of Health: 1900 9095 
- CDC Hanoi: 096 9082115 or 094 9396115
The above flight's passengers are asked to:
- Provide phone numbers of people who have been in contact with them.
- Make an online health declaration at or download the NCOVI application from and regularly update your health status.
- Install the Bluezone application to be updated about COVID-19 infection:
Encouraging the use of Bluezone application to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic
Earlier this week, the Prime Minister suggested that people must install Bluezone application on smartphones to trace Covid-19, protect themselves and their families.
Many people have received messages from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications asking them to install the Bluezone app on their smartphones since the end of July. On social networks, many groups and influential people have also been urging people to download this application. Therefore, the app's downloads on iOS and Android have skyrocketed in the past week.
Bluezone is the name of a COVID-19 early warning application using Bluetooth technology on smartphones to identify safe areas for users.
When users install this application, their daily activities and community contact will automatically be recorded. In particular, all close contacts within a distance of 2 metres are automatically saved.
In case of detecting an infected person, that person's data will be entered into the system, then transferred to all devices in use. The system will automatically compare and analyse the data of the infected person with the contact history saved on the Bluezone system, thereby alerting other users if they have been in contact with the recently infected patients.

Posted at 2020 Aug 07 11:40

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