Vietnamese airlines continues to repatriate citizens stranded overseas

Vietjet continues to work with Vietnam’s government agencies in the country and overseas to repatriate Vietnamese citizens on international flights.

It will continue with repatriation flights until aviation rules change to allow the full resumption of commercial flights to overseas destinations.
At the weekend, Vietjet operated an international flight to bring back 240 Vietnamese citizens from the Philippines. The flight departed from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and arrived at Can Tho International Airport where passengers entered a mandatory 14-day quarantine. In the same month, Vietjet has also operated three other repatriation flights from Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The airline is expected to operate four more flights to bring more Vietnamese citizens home from the Philippines, Russia, Brunei, Indonesia and Myanmar.
Passengers on repatriation flights that are granted priority are children under 18, the elderly, pregnant women, people with health problems, workers with expired labour contracts and no accommodation, along with students without residence due to dormitory closures.
Vietjet will fly nearly 10,000 Vietnamese citizens safely back home by the end of July, fully complying with entry requirements and quarantine upon arrival. All Vietjet flights are in accordance with global standards and recommendations from authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to ensure the safety of all passengers and crews during the passage of flight.
Vietnam Airlines Flew In 150,000 Masks To The United States and Bring Vietnamese citizens home
Vietnam’s flag carrier has aided in the shipment of 150,000 surgical masks to the United States. Vietnam Airlines (VNA) worked alongside its Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide free transportation for the large sum of masks to the US.
While flights are scarce due to travel restrictions, Vietnam Airlines remains hard at work getting citizens back home. It started flying Vietnamese citizens from the US in May. That flight also marked the first time VNA flew to the United States.
On June 9th, another repatriation flight took place. VNA carried more than 340 Vietnamese passengers to Hanoi from San Francisco, with a stop in Alaska. A Boeing 787-10 operated flight VN1 and had a total flight time of 33 hours. Passengers consisted of the elderly, citizens under 18, and international students with no means of accommodation in the US.
Similarly, a repatriation flight brought 346 Vietnamese home on July 10th. The trip started in Washington DC and made up VNA’s fourth repatriation flight from the US.
According to Vietnam Express, there are three to five more of such flights that Vietnam Airlines hopes to operate throughout July and August. At the same time, VNA is carrying out repatriation flights for other states such as Taiwan and France.
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Posted at 2020 Jul 21 19:40

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