Vietnamese fashion entrepreneur teamed up with UNESCO for a new travel program post pandemic

Jessica Minh Anh is on a mission. In collaboration with UNESCO, the supermodel and entrepreneur – whose history-making catwalks at iconic monuments and renewable energy sites gained her international credibility; is now focusing on vitalizing the tourism industry, to stimulate this hard-hit sector post Covid.

Already an ambassador for Vietnam in the global fashion arena, her upcoming travel program: “Jessica Minh Anh: Global Passport”, will focus on promoting domestic travel and tourism across the world, starting with Vietnam.
“I have never been more proud to be Vietnamese. Vietnam has weathered the current crisis more effectively than many much larger economies, avoiding all casualties and keeping infection figures contained in the low triple figures. While this is an incredible result, closing borders to protect the country has come at a heavy cost to some vital national industries, such as tourism. My goal is to promote a safe Vietnam for domestic travel and tourism in 2020 and beyond.” Jessica Minh Anh told Vietnam Insider.
“Jessica Minh Anh: Coming Home” will see Jessica travel from the South to the North of Vietnam, rediscovering her home country from a new perspective after year of travel around the world. Jessica will help her audience discover the beauty of Vietnam, where some of the most famous global world heritage sites meet with exceptional hospitality. Compelling storytelling will marry aspects of modern and traditional folk art, culture, food, architecture and fashion with sustainability. This season will see Jessica discover some of the most exotic locations in the world in search of adventure, artistic inspiration, eco-friendly practices, and cultural experiences.
Jessica Minh Anh has partnered with some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, including Soneva in the Maldives, as well as Sofitel in Paris, New York, and Hanoi. Jessica’s strong association with luxury has always been connected to sustainability. As such, Jessica brought focus to upcycling at Soneva Fushi, “Planet 21” program by Accor, as well as bio-green technology atop “Race for Water”, a high-tech solar-wind-hydro-powered vessel in Malaysia in 2019 and 2020. Travelling to Saigon in June 2020, Jessica spent a week in the Presidential Suite at the Caravelle Hotel, experiencing chef-specials at the Park Hyatt, The Reverie, and the Renaissance Riverside, where a focus sustainability was prioritized. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the hospitality and tourism industry post Covid, Jessica collaborated with UNESCO, working with general managers of top properties and travel professionals, to finalize the route map of the upcoming series.
A fashion icon with impeccable style and artistic taste, Jessica has always dressed in some of the world’s most talented designers’ creations. “Jessica Minh Anh: Global Passport” will feature high fashion and innovative designs married to traditional fabrics and manufacturing techniques. Referencing her many front row appearances at Paris Fashion Week, Jessica’s most recent appearance at a movie premier in Saigon, reaffirmed her position as one of the most stylish fashionistas of our generation. Haute Couture dresses – including creations by RVDK Ronald Van De Kemp, Georges Chakra, Sadek Majed, Gemy Maalouf, and Sebastian Gunawan; were shipped from Paris, Lebanon, and Jakarta by DHL Express, Jessica’s international logistics partner. DHL Express powered Jessica’s famous “Runway on the Runway” history-making fashion show at John F. Kennedy International Airport, launching New York Fashion Week in February 2020, highlighting sustainability in the global supply chain.
Part of her commitment to working with environmentally conscious brands, Jessica Minh Anh collaborated with Estée Lauder’s MAC Cosmetics brand for the recent movie premiere in Saigon. “We were excited to support Jessica Minh Anh in her new role as an actress at the movie premier in Saigon. Jessica is a perfect ambassador for modern beauty, sustainability, and innovation”, said Abigail Baniqued, General Manager of MAC Cosmetics Vietnam. Estée Lauder and KMS – as well as other international beauty brands with a focus on sustainability and renewable materials; will be Jessica’s first choice on her journey through Vietnam, hosting “Jessica Minh Anh: Coming Home”.
Jessica Minh Anh will be starring in a Vietnamese action movie to be released in December 2020. Experienced in working with Hollywood television producers, Jessica visited many locations across Vietnam in preparation for the role, learning about artistic and cinematic filming techniques, resource allocation and scheduling in the movie industry, leaving her well prepared for this production.
Diversifying her multi-faceted career in fashion and entertainment to bring focus on travel and tourism in Vietnam, Jessica cuts through to the heart of the nation’s challenge, reinventing and innovating a game-changing “Vietnam Travels Vietnam” concept to a new generation. An ambassador for positivity, Jessica Minh Anh has always inspired across generations to embrace pressure to transform the world (TEDx).

Posted at 2020 Jul 08 08:56

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