World's first ‘gold-plated’ hotel to open in Hanoi

A new capital hotel has covered its facade, as well as other amenities, in real gold to reel in glitzy lodgers.

Located by a lake in Ba Dinh District, the 25-floor hotel is covered in 5,000-square-meters of gilded ceramics. According to its developer, this is the world’s first hotel having its facade gold-plated. 
The luxury hotel was scheduled to open in time for the Formula One race in Hanoi in April, which was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Hanoi gold-plated hotel
Many internal design features are also covered in real gold, a challenging operation according to builders. 

Hanoi gold-plated hotel
Gold-plated bathtub and accessories.

Hanoi gold-plated hotel
A glittering city view. 

Hanoi gold-plated hotel
A gold-plated rooftop infinity pool expands one’s horizons. 

Hanoi gold-plated hotel
Gold-covered tiles floor on the roof terrace. According to local media, the price for one night at the hotel will start from $250, with a number of apartments inside the hotel to be sold at a starting price of about $6,500 per meter square. 

Posted at 2020 Jun 25 10:37

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