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Cu Chi Tunnels Entrance Ticket

Underground "wonder" of Cu Chi army and people during the anti-American resistance war with hundreds of kilometers long tunnels dug entirely by hand.

Places must-visit at Cu Chi Tunnels

1. Visit Ben Duoc Memorial Temple

On the famous land of Cu Chi Tunnels that fought against the US in the past and right in the heart of the "Iron Triangle" once resounding with bombs, today, the Party Committee and people of Ho Chi Minh City have created the project: Ben Duoc Memorial Temple. The temple was built to commemorate the great merits of the compatriots and soldiers who fought and sacrificed on the land of Saigon - Cho Lon - Gia Dinh in two resistance wars against the French and American invaders. It is a project for future generations to remember, appreciate and be proud of.

2. Visit the Re-enactment of Cu Chi Liberation Area (period 1960-1975)

It is a place to show the scenes of daily life and fighting of the Cu Chi people before and during the resistance war against the US. The work is divided into many areas such as: White area, liberated area, disputed area, temporary war zone (strategic hamlet), ... vividly showing the village landscape of Cu Chi before the war with luxuriant fruit trees. , four seasons heavy fruit; the devastation of American bombs; show the scene of boys and girls enthusiastically joining the army to fight the enemy…

Especially here, visitors will learn about the Cedarfalls raid that the US army carried out on the very fierce iron triangle that lasted many days and nights. The battle is shown on the most modern sand table in Vietnam with the combination of sound, light and mechanical movement of the models and the harmonious layout of smoke and fire will bring visitors moments of joy. As lively as being immersed in the battle against the invading enemy.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy 3D movies. This is the first 3D projection room in Ho Chi Minh City with extremely modern sound and light system, 240-degree curved screen, and 3-dimensional visual effects and effects. The stereo sound makes the audience feel like they are standing in the middle of the actual space that the film depicts, creating a very realistic feeling.

 Note: Tickets to visit the re-enactment of the Liberation Area are not included in the entrance ticket.

 Opening hours at Cu Chi Tunnels: 09:00 - 17:00 daily.

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