Auto extension of temporary stay for foreigners until March 31, 2021

Vietnam Immigration Department notifies the "automatic extension of temporary residence" for foreigners until March 31, 2021.

1. Foreign citizens entering on a visa-free basis or entering with an e-visa or tourist visa from March 1, 2020 up to now are entitled to "automatically extend temporary residence" until the end of March 31. / 2021, you can exit during the above period without having to apply for extension of temporary residence. In case of entering before March 1, 2020, if it is proven that he / she was stuck due to the Covid-19 translation, certified by a diplomatic mission of the diplomatic mission (with Vietnamese translation) or certified in writing of Vietnamese competent authorities about being quarantined, Covid-19 treatment or other force majeure ... are also considered to apply "automatic temporary extension" until the end of March 31, 2021 and must present The above note or confirmation document upon exit.
2. During the period of "automatic extension of temporary residence", a foreign citizen must make a temporary residence declaration and medical declaration according to regulations.
3. Foreign citizens who are not subject to the provisions of Section 1 of this Notice or commit other law violations, shall comply with the current provisions of Vietnamese law.
4. For other arising issues (if any), please contact the Immigration Department by phone number: 0243.9387320 (North), 0283.9200365 (South) for assistance and guidance.

Posted at 2021 Feb 08 11:37

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