Vietnam railway offers private compartments and cars

Railway passengers in Vietnam can now book an entire compartment or car as part of a new service to ensure maximum safety for passengers amid the complicated developments of COVID-19.

The service is designed to meet the demand of passengers who want to have private space when travelling by rail with their families and friends.
There will be four-bed and six-bed compartments available on routes more than 300 kilometres long.
Passengers using the service will be provided with dedicated waiting rooms and passageways at stations and will also enjoy free meals on the train.
During the initial period of the service, fares will be discounted by 10% for passengers who book an entire compartment and 15% for those who reserve an entire car.
The railway sector also provides the home pickup service for passengers booking an entire compartment or car. To ensure safety, all drivers in this service have been vaccinated with two doses.
Passengers that wish to use the service can directly contact staff at the stations or call centres at 1900 0109 in Hanoi and 1900 1520 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Posted at 2021 Nov 14 10:00

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